Fischerhuder Straße
Fischerhuder Straße 20
28237 Bremen


Sekretariat: Frau Röseler
Tel.: 0421/361-9139


Schulleitung: Herr Dolejs

Konrektorin: Frau Spanier

ZuP-Leitung: Frau Winkler

Early and late care

Here you will find all the forms you need to register your child for the early and late care of our all-day primary school Fischerhuder road. For questions or problems we can help you gladly. Please contact the Secretariat for this purpose.


The early care takes place daily in the period 7 - 8 clock and take a charge. For the period 15 - 16 clock, you can register your child for a free additional education and care services. The time after 16 clock is late care and is not currently offered by us and would also be chargeable. A late care for the period 16 - 17 clock will only be established when at least 10 children are signed up for it.


Forms for registration for the early and late care


If an early or late care is required in our all-day school, you must fill out and submit the following two forms.


Registration for the early or late care in all-day schools for the school year 2014/2015
Anmeldung für die Früh- oder Spätbetreuu
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 51.4 KB
Direct debit authorization for the early and late care in the all-day school from 01.08.2013
Lastschrifteinzugsermächtigung für die F
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 65.7 KB

Information letter for registration to the early and late care

Information letter for registration to the early and late care
Infoschreiben zur Anmeldung zur Ferien-,
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 78.0 KB