Fischerhuder Straße
Fischerhuder Straße 20
28237 Bremen


Sekretariat: Frau Röseler
Tel.: 0421/361-9139


Schulleitung: Herr Dolejs

Konrektorin: Frau Spanier

ZuP-Leitung: Frau Winkler


Here mothers learn German together
. The "Mummy-learns German" is aimed at mothers of primary school children and offers them German courses where their children learn. With this offer, mothers should be strengthened and be put in a position - also linguistically - to accompany and support the educational path of their children - and linguistically.


The "Mummy-learns German" courses carry out the integration of the Federal rates. "Mummy-learns German" courses consist of 100 hours of instruction. At our school, the course takes place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 - 11:30 clock in room 10. The instructor is Ms. Hilal Cecen.